Before researching the best soundbars and best soundbar reviews, it is important to understand what a soundbar really is.  According to wikipedia, “a soundbar or sound bar is a loudspeaker enclosure that creates a reasonable stereo effect from a single cabinet.  They are much wider than they are tall for acoustical reasons, but also so they can be mounted above or below a display device” such as a TV, home theater screen, computer monitor, etc. By picking the right soundbar for your needs, you greatly enhance your audio experience.  One thing to also mention is “soundbar” and “sound bar” can be used interchangeably, so be careful when you search soundbar review as you can also get more information with sound bar review.


The best soundbar placement for TV use.



Now that you know what a soundbar is, let’s explore why you need one.  TVs nowadays have very small speakers and are not known for their sound quality or accurate reproduction of the frequency ranges found in a wide variety of music.  Adding a soundbar to your system will address all these issues.  You will start hearing music in a significantly different light.  You’ll hear instruments clearer, action scenes will explode into your living room.  During movies, you’ll hear the footsteps all around you immersing yourself into the scene.


Soundbars come in many different speaker or channel configurations configurations.  The most basic system is just the bar itself typically containing stereo speakers.  Most systems nowadays feature both the bar and a separate subwoofer, which is typically wireless to allow the owner to position anywhere within the entertainment area.  The most sophisticated systems are 5.1 or 7.1 systems, containing either a 5-speaker or 7-speaker surround sound system in conjunction with 1 subwoofer.  In these multichannel setups, the speakers in addition to the soundbar are also typically wireless.


This is one of the best soundbars with a 5.1 (5 speakers, 1 subwoofer) home theater system.



Many soundbars also feature wireless Bluetooth technology to stream music from a Bluetooth-enabled device.  Bluetooth technology allows owners to connect an Apple iOS or Android phone or device with Bluetooth to it wireless, thus allowing audio to be transmitted to the soundbar.  Doing this allows a much richer playback of audio such as music, YouTube videos, movies, etc. as the sound bar will have much better audio quality than the device’s tiny speakers.


All of the best soundbars have Bluetooth connectivity to stream audio from any Bluetooth-enabled device.



Speaking personally, I watch a LOT of movies.  My Vizio TV is top of the line, but the audio leaves much to desire.  Once I added a soundbar 5.1 home theater system, movies EXPLODE to life.  One of my favorite movies is Saving Private Ryan.  You know the opening scene, storming Omaha beach on D-day?  The gunfight is INTENSE.  You can hear the bullets whizzing by your head, it makes you want to duck down on your couch, you’ll even look behind you to see if someone’s there, that’s how awesome these sound.  I cannot recommend getting a soundbar more.  I also use it to stream music via Bluetooth from my phone.  You don’t need the TV on for this, so it’s great when cooking dinner or just relaxing to put on a couple tunes and just wind down.  These are far better than any of those new small Bluetooth speakers.  The wireless subwoofer is great and provides room-filling bass.  The soundbar speakers have a great frequency response so I can hear all the notes whether they’re guitar riffs, cymbal crashes, or smooth jazz.


Please enjoy my site, I hope it provides you as much information as possible.  I will provide you comprehensive reviews for the best soundbars to help you pick the one for your needs.  Sound bar or soundbar reviews are my specialty.  I guarantee once you try out a soundbar, you will not go back!