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SONOS PLAYBAR TV Sound Bar5.1N/AN/AYes$$$$5 Stars





Pros: Far superior sound quality from 9 speaker soundbar.  The system is modular so you can add additional SONOS components.  Very easy to set up and use.

Cons: A full system can get quite expensive.  No HDMI, but that can easily be addressed with an HDMI Optical Splitter.

Verdict: While it’s definitely a higher cost unit, you will not be disappointed.  Music, movies, and TV all come to life with this system.  Modular build structure allows excellent expansion with other SONOS audio components.



Design and Aesthetics

When it comes to sound, Sonos is second to none in the modular multi-room speaker arena. Having always positioned themselves as the go-to audio system regarding music , it is now  attempting to take over the Tv with its first soundbar, the Sonos Playbar.  The company calls the Playbar the soundbar for songs lovers, promising that it delivers all this wirelessly, as well as offering your flatscreen Tv set a audio boost. This Playbar does  it all and paired with a Sonos Sub and two play 3 speakers its Utopia in my living room.
First, the actual looks. There is a great deal to enjoy in the soundbar design and style department – you’re essentially looking at the bar packed with speakers. Not much to analyze as  its covered in very nice black fabric. This is a very heavy unit with precise beveled edges. This is such a top notch company, the packing of this unit and all of there products are  insanely precise.  Some may think it might be a bit large compared to the sound-bars from other competitors . But ask yourself when comes to speakers, bigger is always better. This will look nice  anywhere you decide to place it ,under Tv ,on top shelf above Tv or mounted on a wall. It would be nice if they offered a white color option.
The PLAYBAR is like any other Sonos component, extremely well crafted with a high quality fit and finish. It comes well protected in a large shipping box. The quick setup guide is  packaged at the very top once you open the box lid, but in reality, if you have had any prior experience connecting Sonos components wirelessly, the PLAYBAR connects exactly the same  way… in seconds.  In the standard Sonos style, there are not many buttons as well as ports to speak of around the Playbar; just a great ethernet port, power-in and optical audio-in allowing you to  connect it up, as well as three subtle volume along with pairing links.



The SONOS PLAYBAR also provides several options for inputs, but still no HDMI (though it’s an easy fix here if you must use an HDMI connection).  The inputs are Optical digital input, and ethernet to connect to other SONOS audio components.  Lastly, the PLAYBAR features Bluetooth audio streaming for ultimate flexibility.




Setup and Use

Pairing your Playbar to a Sonos system is very simple – just start with bridge holding down pairing button then move to your Playbar holding down volume +-, the system will find each  other and your done.  Once paired, the Playbar is on the same network as other Sonos audio equipment throughout the house, so it forms part of your current multi-room setup. The rest is just going to  settings and fine toning your sound to your liking, bass,treb, mid,etc.  Using my smartphone app I’m able to playback any of my MP3 audio library, as well as pretty much any kind of song I have in my library. The wife uses Pandora and her favorite stations  all durung the day. The easy download of the app from the Play Store has never failed me,it’s always up to date.



Sound Quality and Performance

Sitting directly in front of the Playbar will give you the very best experience — as is true with any of Sonos speakers system . Watching massive action series, there was certainly a  nice detail to the audio and a not hugely visible but still clear movement for the sound.  Things are a bit more exciting when you have a Sonos Subwoofer and a couple Play 5’s, the Playbar automatically adjusts the amount of sound when it understands it’s working with your  sub so your bass will not overwhelm your sound, whether it be film or music.  I was very impressed with the Sonos Playbar listening to both movies and rock and jazz. Although the Playbar is in the upper end of cost, remember you get what you pay for and with  Sonos it’s no exception. You will not be disappointed only a bit lazy from sitting on the couch and watching movies all day.


While quite expensive, the SONOS PLAYBAR soundbar sounds phenomenal.  Whether it’s music, movies, or just regular TV, the soundbar is leaps and bounds ahead in terms of audio quality.  Pair the PLAYBAR with other SONOS components like the subwoofer and Play 5s and you’ll have a theater-quality system in your own home.

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