Onkyo LS-B50 6.1 3D Sound Bar Review

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Onkyo LS-B50 6.1-Channel 3D Sound Bar6.1140YesYes$$$5 Stars



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Pros: 3D sound technology immerses you in movies and music, 6 channel audio plus 1 wireless subwoofer, Onkyo is known for their audio technology, preprogrammed sound modes accentuates the audio for music, movies, and talk.  It also comes programmed to work with your TV remote volume!

Cons: No HDMI, but that can easily be addressed with an HDMI Optical Splitter.

Verdict: Extremely easy to use system with automatic turn on and volume adjustment with your TV.  It’s a higher price due to the better sound quality and 6.1 system, which is well worth it.  This is a true audiophile soundbar home theater system.  The sound quality is amazing, I cannot say enough about it and the technology.



Design and Aesthetics

This is a very sleek, minimalist, and contemporary design.  Onkyo fits all six channels into the glossy black soundbar with a separate wireless subwoofer.  The design leads to a very clean set up in the living room or theater next to the big screen TV, so you don’t have to worry about running wires or placing other channels throughout the room.  The low profile design fits great below a TV.  Check out their provide infographic below for the speaker fitment within the soundbar itself:


Onkyo LS-B50 best soundbar 2014 2015 home theater music movies
Onkyo LS-B50 Channel Integration into the Soundbar


The Onkyo LS-B50 also provides several options for inputs, but still no HDMI (though it’s an easy fix here if you must use an HDMI connection).  The inputs are Optical or Coaxial digital inputs, then a 3.5mm analog input and finally a USB port.  Lastly, the LS-B50 features Bluetooth audio streaming for ultimate flexibility.




Setup and Use

The Onkyo LS-B50 features the standard wide array of audio inputs making setup very easy.  The wireless subwoofer makes it easy to place throughout the room.  Usage is very easy using the supplied remote.  The unit also features an automatic turn off feature when not in use for about 5 minutes.  The soundbar is also programmed to work with most major-brand TV remotes, so you can use the volume control on your TV remote to control the soundbar.  No more fumbling with a mess of different remotes!  The soundbar features 3 easy listening sound modes: music, movies, and news to accentuate different sounds depending on what you’re listening to at the time.


Bluetooth is equally easy to setup and start playing music wirelessly from any bluetooth enabled device.  Refer to your device’s manual to set up pairing and you’ll be enjoying untethered music in no time.




Sound Quality and Performance

Onkyo is known for their sound quality, they definitely do not skimp here!  The LS-B50 features several different audio technologies including Dolby Digital and AuraSphere Panorama 3D DSP sound.  This creates a room-filling surround sound experience unparalleled by any other soundbar on the market.  The sound levels can get very loud with no clipping, including the bass.  The surround sound is amazing coming from a single soundbar package.  The Onkyo LS-B50 pulls this off very well, it’s ridiculously entertaining.  As with most speakers, I do recommend breaking these in as after several hours of use the sound will be even deeper and clearer.


This is quite possibly the closest thing to a real surround sound home theater system in a soundbar.  This is the best soundbar with a wide volume range, excellent clarity throughout the frequency bands.  The sound quality is excellent, especially with the 6 channels fit into the sleek soundbar.  The glossy black exterior matches most TVs nowadays, so it won’t stand out or be an eyesore mounted to the wall or sitting on a TV stand.  Hands down one of the best soundbars out on the market this year!

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