LG LAS551H Sound Bar Review

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LG Electronics LAS551H Sound Bar2.1320N/AYes$4 Stars


best soundbar for tv movies 2014 2015 top 10
LG LAS551H Hero Shot



Pros: Excellent sound quality and power from a true wireless system.  Features HDMI connectivity and pass through for excellent sound quality.  Also includes a wall mount perfect for your TV.  If you have an LG TV no wires are required.

Cons: Requires an LG TV to utilize Sound Sync Wireless.

Verdict: Excellent sound and wireless connectivity at a very affordable price.  Even better if you already have a LG TV.  One of the few soundbars for TV and movies that actually has HDMI ports.  Also includes a wall mount (TAKE NOTE OTHER MANUFACTURERS!)


Design and Aesthetics

HOLY CRAP THERE’S A WALL MOUNT INCLUDED!  The devil is in the details people.  Do you already have your TV mounted on the wall?  Then this is the best soundbar for your TV.  Mount it below your TV and you’re all set to get rolling.  LG took a no holds barred approach to this soundbar, keeping it in a tight 2.1 package with a wireless subwoofer you can hide behind the couch.  The clean, black lines with the gloss finish will surely match any TV.  The soundbar itself is about 39″ long and 2″ tall, so it won’t be an eyesore on the wall.


best soundbar for tv movies 2014 2015 top 10
LG LAS551H Wall Mount


The inputs are Optical digital input and HDMI input and output.  This soundbar features HDMI pass through, making it perfect for your TV and movies.  Lastly, the LAS551h features Bluetooth audio streaming and Sound Sync wireless technology for ultimate flexibility.


best soundbar for tv movies 2014 2015 top 10
HDMI ports finally, perfect soundbar for your TV and movies!



Setup and Use

The setup is incredibly easy and you’ll be up and running in less than 10 minutes.  The picture-based instructions are easy to follow.  An optical cable is included for quick setup.  However, if you want to take advantage of seamless integration with your TV use the HDMI pass through (in and out) ports.  While LG recommends this soundbar best for TVs around 42″, I have no issues hooking this up to 55″+ TVs.  Take your TV, movie, and music audio to the next level with this soundbar.    The soundbar has several built in presets to tailor the sound to your needs.


best soundbar for tv movies 2014 2015 top 10
Sound Sync Wireless technology to eliminate all audio cables.

Sound Quality and Performance

The audio quality is excellent for the price, making this one of the best bang for the buck soundbars.  It’s not an over the top 5.1 or 7.1 system, but it fills the room.  The wireless subwoofer runs without a hiccup and the whole systems syncs easily with a LG TV.  Audio from TV and movies is clear and crisp over both Optical and HDMI connections.  The bluetooth audio quality is phenomenal and easy to use.


This is an excellent 2.1 soundbar option where space and budget are tight.  I’m especially thankful that LG included the Sound Sync Wireless technology and a wall mount to keep the package tight and clean.  This makes the soundbar a perfect contender in your living room for TV, movies, and music.  The icing on the cake will be if you already have a LG TV, then it is the best soundbar.  If you do, don’t wait any longer and GET THIS!  This soundbar is one of the best bang for the buck options and you don’t have to deal with small satellite speakers.

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